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SB Architects is fueled by our people, and over the last 60 years, we’ve created a firm that we’re incredibly proud of. As with the rest of the world, hard decisions, in one way or another, are a daily occurrence at the moment, but the easiest decision has been to recognize and invest in our talented team. We’re delighted to announce a series of promotions, we have no doubt that these individuals will continue to push SB Architects forward towards the next milestone.

Krystal Solorzano has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Business Development.

“Krystal is the best marketing, business development, PR person we have ever had at SB – period.  Integral to all things related to getting the work in and the word out!  Her interests and abilities are expanding into the actual doing of the work. She is intuitive, anticipatory, resourceful, well-liked, and well-respected by her peers in and out of the office. Trusted by those she works for and by those that work for her. 24/7 focus and dedication. Results-oriented. Self-motivated.” Scott Lee, President and Principal.

EunJoo Cho has been promoted to Senior Associate & Project Architect.

“All of us at SB Architects are proud and thankful of EunJoo Cho’s contributions to our clients and our firm. Her dedication and professionalism to the practice of architecture, along with a great attitude, make working with her a true pleasure. Congratulations EunJoo!” Bruce Wright, Senior Vice President and Principal.

Melody Chiron has been promoted to Senior Associate & Office Manager.

“Since the day I hired Melody in Miami she has embraced the role with enthusiasm and a certain sense of ownership and energy. Stalwart. Trusted. Respected. She goes above and beyond and has an omniscient sense of the inner workings of all the SB Architects offices. A resource for staff and management alike, she’s the glue that binds us.” Scott Lee, President and Principal.

Tim Pernice has been promoted to Associate & Designer.

“After starting with SB as an intern in 2015, Tim has flourished. He’s taken charge of managing a lot of our large-scale European projects including multiple residential developments in Spain and a large master plan in Albania, and he’s currently an integral part of designing a new destination resort in our local wine country.” Matt Page, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Shaun Poon has been promoted to Associate & Designer.

“Shaun has been championing the retail development and event pavilion on a high-profile golf development in Texas, one of the largest SB Architects project currently on the boards and slated to start construction in the near future. His ability to juggle both design and documentation has made him a key player on the team!” Matt Page, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Kelsey Danciger has been promoted to Associate & Designer.

Kelsey joined SB as an Intern right out of college, bright-eyed and eager to take the journey into architecture. Even before the traditional 3-month review period was up, it was evident that she was a ‘keeper.’  She is smart, hard-working, dedicated, and resourceful. Her self-drive and keen initiative plays strongly into her ability to contribute efficiently and effectively to any team and combined with her big smile and warm heart . . . everyone wants her on their team!” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Ruoli Zhou has been promoted to Associate & Designer.

“Since joining our firm seven years ago, Ruoli has continued to demonstrate the creativity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail that make her such a valued team member. Ruoli’s commitment to the architectural craft is evident in everything she touches. We are pleased to recognize her contributions with this promotion. A little-known fact – Ruoli is the only team member to work out of our Miami, Shenzhen, and San Francisco offices!” David Louie, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Gustavo Mendoza has been promoted to Associate & Project Manager.

“Gustavo joined SB Architects almost three years ago. During his time with the firm, he’s worked on both the design and documentation of numerous substantial projects. He has a strong work ethic, leads by example, and he is a team player. His calm demeanor and patience make him an ideal mentor to junior staff, as well as a liaison to consultants and clients.” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Augusto Medina has been promoted to Associate & Designer.

“Augusto has been with SB Architects for five years. Brought on as a Junior Designer, he’s worked on several significant projects, continually growing his skillset and attacking every task with a positive attitude and the highest level of dedication. He doesn’t just fit well into our culture, he embodies it.” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Tony Hwang has been promoted to Associate & IT Director.

“On Tony’s first day in the IT department, he immediately had to jump into a massive Windows 365 conversion project. In a very short time, Tony has made a positive impact on the San Francisco office and the firm. He’s established himself as a leader and owns everything IT. He continues to face all challenges head-on and most recently has kept all of us connected and productive despite the challenges of the entire firm working remotely. Congrats Tony, thanks for all your hard work!” John Cisco, Chief Financial Officer.

Akiko Yoshikawa has been promoted to Associate & Project Manager.

“Akiko’s unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to architecture has led to the successful delivery of many high-profile projects at SB Architects, including Portola Valley House and Pebble Beach in California. She has a keen eye for high-level design details that is evident in the quality of her work.” Teresa Ruiz, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Glen Santayana has been promoted to Associate & Project Manager.

“In just over three years, Glen has elevated his efforts from executing the responsibilities of a Job Captain, to leading efforts on Esplanade at Aventura, Florida, as a Project Manager. His knowledge of his craft, paired with personality, has made him a pleasure to work with and fabulous representative of the firm in the eyes of clients and consultants. Glen’s contributions to the SB culture, specifically with SB Sports in Miami, has been a welcome addition to an already enjoyable working atmosphere. Congratulations Glen, on a promotion well deserved, we look forward to many more years together!” David Rychlowski, Vice President and Associate Principal.

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