Art House St. Petersburg Breaks Ground

June 23, 2022

Yesterday, Art House, a 42-story condo tower, began construction with an official breaking ground ceremony.

Once complete, Art House will reach 450 feet and feature 244 units, including 12 penthouse units. This signature mixed-use tower will join the ranks of the tallest buildings in St. Petersburg.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see Art House break ground, hitting an incredible milestone. When complete, this 42-story tower will be a fantastic addition to the St. Petersburg skyline. We are thrilled to continue our ongoing collaboration with Kolter Urban, a company committed to setting new standards in residential development.”

Pinar Harris, Vice President and Principal.

Planned with a strong connection to Central Avenue and the surrounding area, the sleek dramatic tower is carefully designed, utilizing proportioned architectural elements, including building step backs, terracing, and open amenity spaces. The façade features floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, generous balconies, and an ample number of windows for greater transparency, views, and a slender shape.

A simple palette of smooth white stucco walls plays against pale emerald, green laminated glass windows, creating a level of neutral sophistication which blend seamlessly with the surrounding context, both the built and natural environment. An accent of metal panels and aluminum window and door frames further enhance the contemporary expression of the building facades.

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