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July 07, 2022

We strive to champion creativity and innovation within our design, and we need a talented team to achieve that. This is our chance, as a firm, to recognize and reward the members of our team who have been aspiring and pushing themselves to achieve more. As Summer arrives, we’re delighted to announce a series of promotions, we have no doubt that these individuals will continue to push SB Architects forward toward the next milestone.

Hermann Gonzalez has been promoted to Vice President.

“Hermann joined us in 2016 and has been focused on our local high-rise and mixed-use projects. Over the last six years, I’ve witnessed firsthand Hermann’s professionalism, commitment, and dedication to the team, our consultants, and our clients. He’s a problem solver, demonstrates speed and competency in every task he’s given, and brings such creative energy into the office. Please join me in congratulating Hermann!” Stefano Falbo, Vice President & Associate Principal.

Winnie Chen has been promoted to Associate.

“Winnie has been with SB Architects for about 1.5 years and has worked extensively on a complicated resort project that has been through many iterations and evolutions. Throughout the process she has gained the trust of not just her team here, but the client and consultant teams as well. It takes a lot of organization and coordination to tackle a project like this, from both the design and technical side, and Winnie has played a huge role, alongside being a great mentor and resource for everyone around her. I’m so proud to promote Winnie to Associate.” Matt Page, Vice President & Associate Principal.

Angelo San Diego has been promoted to Associate.

“I’ve worked with Angelo for almost three years on several different projects. He started out by helping to deliver one of our local projects to a high level, tackling any/all challenges that were thrown at him – and there were a lot – before flying across the sea with me to Cyprus for a new project site visit, and lately, he’s started to take on more of the project management. He’s always cool and collected, and I couldn’t be happier to promote Angelo San Diego to Associate.” Keith Houchin, Vice President & Associate Principal.

Jim Chauncey has been promoted to Associate.

“Jim was already on board when I started at SB Architects, and he’s been fantastic team member over the past four years. He’s helped build an incredible, collaborative marketing and graphics team that supports the firm’s growth from a myriad of perspectives. His willingness to jump in and get things done regardless of the task is admirable. Jim makes himself available to tackle any needs the architectural team has and is a diligent advocate of the SB brand. I’m super excited to promote Jim Chauncy to Associate.” Krystal Solorzano, Vice President and Associate Principal of Marketing and Business Development.

Jeanette Hoffman has been promoted to Associate.

“In the true spirit of what it means to be an associate, Jeanette has gained the trust of the firm, and most importantly, gained the trust of our clients. She’s always willing to put in the time, has a tremendous number of creative ideas, and knows how to problem solve in a way that takes the pressure off me and the rest of the team. Congratulations on your promotion Jeanette!” Bruce Wright, Senior Vice President & Principal.

Jeanie Klueter has been promoted to Associate.

“Jeanie is near and dear to all of us. She’s multi-talented and comes from a diverse background. Over a year ago, when I first spoke to Jeanie, I was immediately impressed with her depth of knowledge, not only of architecture but of wellness. To grow TLEE Spas + Wellness, and grow SB Architects’ wellness offering, we needed someone who understood all aspects on this industry, and Jeanie is that person, she’s done a fantastic job of straddling both firms and has worked on several important projects in a short space of time. She’s a great contributor with a great attitude, congratulations on your promotion Jeanie!” Scott Lee, President & Principal.

Lining Berman has been promoted to Associate.

“As soon as Lining joined us, she jumped straight in and quickly began creating some interesting growth strategies for China and the greater Asia region. She’s been with the firm for three years and during that time she’s been able to publicize the SB Architects name far and wide in Greater China; proved to be a great mentor to our younger business development team; and has acted in a project management capacity for our projects in the region. Lining is a trusted advisor to our clients and the biggest advocate for our team. Her drive and prowess can be witnessed in her daily communication and passion for working with talented teams to exceed client expectations. She’s an all-round team player and I’m so happy to promote Lining to Associate.” Krystal Solorzano, Vice President and Associate Principal of Marketing and Business Development.

Jason VanBruaene has been promoted to Associate.

“Jason was hired in the depths of the pandemic and instantly dived into a lot of heavy project management, filling a greatly needed void. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason on almost all my most recent projects, which has not only been fun, but incredibly creative, he works tirelessly to create great design. Huge congratulations on your promotion Jason!” Keith Houchin, Vice President & Associate Principal.

Talia Luaces has been promoted to Associate.

“Talia has been with us for almost five years. I worked closely with her when I moved to the Miami office, and relied on her, she’s been my trusted confidant. She’s confident and skilled in all the projects thrown at her, she gives it her all to make sure the job gets done to the best possible level. I am thrilled that Talia is pushing up to the Associate team.” David Rychlowski, Vice President & Associate Principal.

Sandra Mustieles has been promoted to Associate.

“Sandra joined us as a summer intern, recruited from FIU, almost three years ago and has gone from strength to strength since. Offering her a full-time position was a no-brainer. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and has worked on several key projects for both the Miami and San Francisco offices. I’m thrilled to promote Sandra to Associate, congratulations!” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President & Principal.

Chris Sanchez has been promoted to Associate.

“While Chris has only been with us for just over a year, he has more than 30 years of industry experience and has worked on many, well-known and well-regarded projects here in South Florida. He contributes an incredible level of technical knowledge and makes time to support and mentor our younger team, despite being deep into a very challenging project. He’s been an absolute team player and we’re very lucky to have him as part of our team. Please join me in congratulating Chris on his promotion to Associate.” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President & Principal.

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