Architectural Triumph: A Candid Q+A with Glen Santayana

September 06, 2023

In the world of architecture, achieving the coveted architectural license is a remarkable milestone that signifies years of dedication, rigorous education, and unwavering passion for the craft. Today, we shine a spotlight on a talented architect whose journey has led him to this extraordinary achievement, our very own – Glen Santayana, Associate and Project Manager based in our Miami office.

Join us for a short Q+A with Glen as we discuss the journey he’s taken to achieve his architectural license!

Congratulations! This isn’t a short process, can you share a little bit about your journey to this milestone?

My ARE journey actually started nine years ago when it was still the older ARE 4.0 version. After about a year of test-taking, I had to put things on hold due to life events which ultimately lasted seven years. I found myself looking for excuses to not jump back on the ARE test-taking train because I knew how daunting the process was from my peers, but two years ago, a colleague of mine basically forced me to sign up for my first test, which I am forever grateful.

The newer 5.0 version had some variations from the previous version which took some getting used to, but once I passed my first test it helped get the ball rolling. I can remember the feeling when I was halfway through and passed three out of the six tests and being in disbelief, then the feeling of only having one left and feeling even more disbelief just because of how much time has passed since I took my first test. Finding out I passed was an incredibly relieving moment, I sat in front of the computer screen, smiled, and took deep breaths while telling myself, “it’s over.”

What were some of the challenges you faced during the process, and how did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges I faced were finding the time to study while being a father, and remaining focused when I found out I failed a test. What helped me was the support of friends, family, and colleagues and reminding myself to take things one step at a time, and to keep trying. I always told myself, that a failed test was just really good practice.

Becoming a registered architect is a meticulous process… how do you believe this achievement has shaped your approach to the world of architecture?

Becoming a registered architect is a hyper-meticulous process because of the sheer amount of material that the tests cover and being able to simultaneously compartmentalize different concepts, while at the same time overlap and blend other concepts and ideas. It also helped tremendously that my current CA work in the office has bridged the gap between the testing material and real-world applications.

Now as a registered architect, what are your aspirations for professional growth and development?

Honestly, my aspirations remain the same, which is to continue to learn, grow, and continue to help empower others around me.

How do you plan to stay engaged with the ever-evolving trends and technologies within the field?

By attending as many ‘Lunch and Learns’ as possible, ha!

Interview with: Glen Santayana, Associate and Project Manager

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