Türkiye-Syria Earthquake | How to Help

February 17, 2023

At SB Architects (part of Egis Group), we are deeply saddened by the devastating effects of the recent earthquakes that struck Türkiye, Syria, and surrounding regions. With the death toll already surpassing 42,000 people, and over 13.5 million people affected, the sheer scale of destruction is hard to grasp and the loss of life is unfathomable.

In response to the crisis, SB Architects has made initial donations to the Red Crescent of Türkiye (Red Cross), UNICEF Crisis Relief, and Save The Children to support their disaster relief efforts, and, continuing our support, we are also matching any/all donations our team makes personally, through a final donation to UNICEF Crisis Relief.

In a massive race against time, please do what you can to help the people living through this, for more information on how to do that and for a list of verified donation sites, please follow the link below.

TIME Magazine | Here’s How to Help

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