Bruce Wright :

Senior Vice President & Principal

Bruce possesses a profound understanding that successful design extends far beyond the confines of a building’s walls, encompassing the broader community it serves. Guided by an approach rooted in dialogue, transparency, and inquiry, he adeptly leads teams in crafting designs that harmonize with and support the dynamic framework of life. Bruce has cultivated an international reputation for his involvement in planning and designing prominent hospitality and mixed-use developments across the globe.

“The evolution of the hospitality experience. is exciting. The needs of the guest are in a constant state of flux and we are tasked with creating spaces for people to celebrate the important milestones in life, designing backdrops for those memories and experiences to happen, which is an incredibly special and important role. ”

As a leader within the firm, Bruce fosters a collaborative and engaged environment, as well as undertakes the responsibility of coordinating office-wide initiatives, rallying teams around projects that align with and further the firm’s mission and vision. Throughout his illustrious career, Bruce has forged close partnerships with renowned hotel operators and real estate developers, working closely with them to bring exceptional projects to fruition.


Presently, Bruce spearheads teams dedicated to hospitality and residential ventures in diverse regions such as California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. By leveraging his extensive experience and global perspective, Bruce consistently delivers designs that transcend boundaries, enriching the communities they inhabit and serving as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

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