Cape of Rodon

Kepi I Rodonit, Albania

Cape of Rodon

Kepi I Rodonit, Albania

An extraordinary vision for a mixed-use, multi-resort destination, the Cape of Rodon is nestled along the rugged beauty of the Albanian coastline.

Embracing the enchanting region, SB Architects created an immersive and sustainable haven that offers an unforgettable escape for visitors and homeowners alike to seek tranquility, adventure, and cultural richness.

Project Type

Destination Resorts

Project Size

941-Hectare Site


  • Four Luxury Resorts
  • Multiple Mixed-Use Village
  • Two 18-Hole Robert Trent Jones II Golf Courses
  • Mixed-use Marina
  • Entertainment, Retail, and F&B Options
  • Branded Residential Seaside Villas

Infusing both referential modern interpretations of the region, the design of the resort will set the tone for a vibrant community that reflects the unique history, atmosphere, and character of the Balkan.



Celebrating and preserving natural beauty, the architecture intertwines harmoniously with the landscape. Lush gardens, native vegetation, and walking trails will further enhance the experience.

By embracing the landscape, celebrating architectural diversity, offering elevated experiences, and fostering community, we envisioned a haven that captivates visitors, creates lasting memories, and contributes positively to the region’s growth and prosperity.


Each resort with its own distinct character, has been thoughtfully designed showcasing intricate details, a neutral color palette, and local craftsmanship while providing modern amenities and comforts.

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