Luxury Lifestyle Hotel Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, California

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, California

Our team is using design to tell a story guests can discover and belong to. This type of architectural storytelling brings the agrarian history of Silicon Valley to the forefront of public consciousness, bringing an architectural vocabulary that is grounded in the size, scale and pedestrian nature one might expect from a hotel in Napa Valley to the robust and energetic vibe of Silicon Valley.

Approaching the project with a goal of aligning the vision with the culture and surrounding environment, we recognized that while Sunnyvale’s history has been one of growth and innovation, its agricultural past would be integral to drawing out a localized identity in the hotel’s design.



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Project Type

Urban Resorts


  • 358 guestrooms
  • more than 10,000 square feet of food and beverage space
  • 9,000 square foot spa and fitness center
  • 19,000 square feet of meeting space

The hotel’s tower components reflect a Northern Californian modern aesthetic, with clean, flat roofs, extensive overhangs, and large expanses of glass. The more tangible elements on the ground – including the spa, meeting spaces, and existing Sheraton buildings (that are being re-clad to tie in with the rest of the development) – will hearken back to Sunnyvale’s past through a modern agrarian style.

“Luxury hospitality today is not just about the types of bedding you have, or the marble in the bathroom or the chandelier in the lobby; instead, the most significant drivers are authenticity, experiences and connection, which are all elements we sought to amplify in the layout and vernacular of the hotel.”

Bruce Wright, Senior Vice President & Principal

Key to the success of the project was approaching the planning and design in a way that created an urban hotel with a boutique resort feel. Horizontal and vertical gardens are being installed in, around, and on the building, in addition to a vertical connection reflected in the lobby, outdoor terraces, courtyard, and amenities on the rooftop, including pool, bar, and fitness. As a result, 1 Hotel Sunnyvale will be a weekend nightlife destination and an all-day gathering place, with the hotel’s food and beverage offerings, casual dining and taproom connecting to the local work community and transitioning into evening events.

“In place of glistening walls and glass boxes where people stay to work and eat apart from the community, we are creating a series of intimate spaces throughout the 1 Hotel Sunnyvale site where memories will find fertile soil.

Matt Page, Vice President & Associate Principal

COLLABORATORS: Interior Design – Nicole Hollis; Landscape Design – Roche and Roche

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