New Zayed, Egypt


New Zayed, Egypt

Solana offers a comprehensive haven that caters to every amenity, feature, structure, and activity needed. It is designed to be a place where individuals can freely express themselves and bring their aspirations to life. Embracing a forward-thinking philosophy centered around audacity, self-expression, and a strong sense of community, Solana stands as the premier residence for those who relish the diversity of their personalities.


ORA Developers

Project Type

Master Planning

Project Size

1,402,800 sqm


  • 12,000 sqm Clubhouse and Lodge
  • 60,000 sqm Sports Club
  • 15,000 sqm Sports-Oriented School
  • 10,000 sqm Boutique Hotel
  • 8,500 sqm Community Center

Solana is not just an ordinary living destination; it’s an exceptional, lively, and exclusive mixed-use community that is poised to become an iconic landmark in Egypt. Spanning a vast 701,400 square meters of residential land, it offers a diverse array of housing accommodations, including townhouses, twinhouses, stand-alone villas, and multi-family buildings.


Solana is destined to be a place where people can seamlessly integrate their lives, work, socialize, and participate in both local and international events ― with amenities such as a clubhouse and sports facility, educational institutions, community retail spaces, and a central community hub.


Interior Design – Littlemore Design

Landscape – Land_Mark Studio

Engineering – ECG

Local Consultants – Schaduf , Archimid

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