Sun Valley Townhomes

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley Townhomes

Sun Valley, Idaho

Located in Idaho, Sun Valley Townhomes introduce a benchmark residential destination to a growing region.

In collaboration with the landscape team, BYLA, SB Architects made modifications to an existing site plan ensuring each residential unit fills the needs of the future resident while allowing the land to inform the placement of the building on the site.


Project Type

Custom Residential

Project Size

111,614 Total Sq.Ft.


  • 45 Units




Sunvalley Townhomes' Architecture moves away from the traditional gable-roofed/ski-chalet style in the region.




Its bold forms, low, flat roofs with substantial overhangs, and warm material palette consisting of stone, metal, and wood, create a contemporary façade and style.  Granite-clad chimneys act as spines digging into the hillside, creating a strong design anchor.

Each building has been set at 90 degrees, with soaring roofs that create a flow, whilst enclosing a section of the outdoor space to shield from the eclectic weather.


Sun Valley Townhomes provide three-unit types, divided into two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, with one five-bedroom unit. Each variation accommodates the site’s unique conditions, granting effortless views of the surrounding mountain range.

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