Telegraph Arts

Oakland, California

Telegraph Arts

Oakland, California

Located in the heart of downtown Oakland, Telegraph Arts seamlessly blends into the urban landscape, enriching and anchoring the neighborhood, with details that reflect the authenticity and diversity of the community.

Project Type

Mixed-Use and Retail


  • 97  apartments
  • 5,000 square-feet of commercial space
  • 78 parking spaces

With a wave of migration from San Francisco, Telegraph Arts is designed to attract those working in growing technology industries near Oakland, Emeryville, and San Francisco. The 97 rental apartments provide a variety of unit sizes and types to meet the housing needs of a cross-section of residents.

Paying tribute to Oakland’s history of growth, SB Architects created a clean-lined articulated fin (framing) to communicate a modern interpretation of an industrial past, as well as adding a distinct sculptural quality to the building elevations. Transformational in function, the fins act as a sunshade and privacy screen and provide a varied visual composition with interlocking volumes and materials. The stacked built shape takes inspiration from the shipping containers found at the nearby Port of Oakland and allows for the greatest functional efficiency. The material palette echoes Oakland’s industrial aesthetic; durable cladding and cementitious recycled fiber siding on the exterior, and warmer toned stucco on the interior.

Artistic in nature, several mural walls were created on the façade to engage the community and showcase local artists. A retail component at street level, designed to celebrate the diversity of the area, creates a focal point and activates the streetscape.

A variety of communal areas foster a feeling of connection, creating touchpoints for residents as they move through the space including; an indoor/outdoor courtyard, clubhouse, game lounge, and a relaxed rooftop that boasts fantastic views of downtown Oakland. Additional amenities include a fitness center and garage parking with a City Park Lift system.

Developer: Junction Properties

Builder: Brown Construction

Interiors: Parisa O’Connell Interior Design

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