Moving and Shaking into 2021

January 07, 2021

SB Architects is fueled by our people, and over the last 60 years, we’ve created a firm that we’re incredibly proud of. As with the rest of the world, hard decisions, in one way or another, are a daily occurrence at the moment, but the easiest decision has been to recognize and invest in our talented team. We’re delighted to announce a series of promotions, we have no doubt that these individuals will continue to push SB Architects forward towards the next milestone.

Keith Houchin has been promoted to Vice President.

“Keith is a key contributor to design leadership at SB Architects. He has a keen understanding of hospitality and residential design, from establishing a project vision to delivery through all phases of documentation. He brings a high level of skill, organization, and clarity of communication to projects that is essential to successful design collaborations. We appreciate his stewardship of design and mentorship of younger staff that demonstrates his commitment to excellence. His passion, aptitude, and creativity have earned him this promotion. I always enjoy design dialog with him, it’s imaginative and often whimsical but continually focused on creating a memorable guest experience. Thank you and Congratulations, Keith!” Mark Sopp, Senior Vice President and Principal.

Harris Christiaansen has been promoted to Vice President.

“Harris has been leading the design of high-profile hospitality projects both domestically and internationally throughout his tenure at SB Architects. His passion for planning and design of destination resorts is reflected in his tireless work ethic, creativity, and mentorship of staff. He’s also a key contributor to business development strategies in Asia and the Middle East. Harris’ easy-going and approachable personality is emblematic of his craft; bringing amazing resort destinations to life for the world to enjoy! Thank you and Congratulations, Harris!” Mark Sopp, Senior Vice President and Principal.

Mickey Mazerac has been promoted to Vice President.

“Mickey has been an amazing contributor at SB Architects, leading two fronts; design and project delivery. He’s been a leader in the early phases of design and has the unique skills of working that design through the technical execution of a project. Mickey has also been a huge contributor to our team as a design mentor and our firms’ culture, with his knowledge of wine, fine dining, and golf. I’m thankful for all of his efforts, skill, and positive attitude!  Congratulations Mickey!” Bruce Wright, Senior Vice President and Principal.

Thomas Gay has been promoted to Vice President.

“Tom has been an integral part of the SB Architects’ team across both the Miami and San Francisco offices throughout the years. He’s dedicated to the practice and brings valuable insight into the successful execution of our firm’s high-profile, complex projects. Tom’s an excellent collaborator as well as a mentor to many of the younger staff. We are grateful for all his contributions and look forward to many more years and successful projects together. Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion!” Pinar Harris, Vice President and Principal.

Lucienne Walpole has been promoted to Vice President.

“I have had the privilege of mentoring Lucienne since she joined SB Architects in 2007 and have very much enjoyed watching her grow into the well-rounded architect and SB ambassador that she is today.  She is smart, compassionate, and a true team player. We are grateful for all of her contributions to our firm over the years, both professional and cultural, and look forward to many more collaborations and project successes in the years to come. I am proud to announce Lucienne’s promotion, congratulations!” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Marcelo Balzano has been promoted to Vice President.

“Since the moment Marcelo joined SB Architects, he has brought a pleasant and welcome calm to the office. His kind demeanor coupled with creativity, resourcefulness, and great attention to detail, make him a valued team member and an exceptional cultural fit. He is trusted and respected by everyone he encounters, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have him as part of our SB Family. Congratulations, Marcelo, on a well-deserved promotion!  Looking forward to many more years working together.” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Miguel Campo has been promoted to Vice President.

“Miguel has had the unique opportunity to work within both of SB’s design offices (San Francisco and Miami). Given his background with multi-family housing, Miguel instantly became a leader within with firm’s mixed-use and multi-family focused studios. His ability to plan, program, and model projects, with a forward-thinking eye, has been instrumental in SB’s ability to win projects all over the world. Miguel’s tireless effort to better himself and those around him stretches beyond his project related responsibilities. His initiatives to educate our team on programming, multi-family trends, and modeling software are elevating the practice to new heights! Congratulations Miguel!” David Rychlowski, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Marla Ushijima has been promoted to Senior Associate.

“Since coming on board 2.5 years ago, Marla has continuously pushed for great project delivery and has set a high bar for her team and all the consultant teams working with us to deliver top-notch drawings. Her attention to detail and dedication to finding the right solution to any problem helps showcase SB Architects’ ability to design and deliver amazing projects for our clients. On top of being a great manager, Marla continues to be both an upbeat morale anchor and a committed mentor to her team. These traits are an equally important part of SB Architects’ success story as her dedication helps nurture and grow our younger staff. I am continuously grateful to be working with and have the honor and privilege to announce Marla’s promotion.” Matt Page, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Paula Villarraga has been promoted to Associate.

“All of us at SB Architects are proud and thankful for Paula’s many contributions to our projects and firm. From her first day to the present, she has shown great eagerness to learn and a commitment to every project she’s been involved with. Her ability to stay organized coupled with a seemingly endless amount of energy and drive, make her a great asset to our team. Congratulations, Paula!” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Andrew Richler has been promoted to Associate.

“From the start of his internship in our Miami office five years ago, Andrew has demonstrated a high level of competency, resourcefulness, and follow-through in all his efforts. In his previous role as a job captain, his organizational skills, his ability to collaborate, and his infinitely positive attitude makes him a valued member of every project team. Andrew has also shown a strong commitment to firmwide improvement by co-chairing our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, championing our SB Fit program, and actively participating in our recruiting and community outreach efforts. Andrew’s dedication and optimism – his willingness to mentor and be mentored – make this promotion a foregone conclusion and well-deserved. Congratulations Andrew!” David Louie, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Nancy McClure has been promoted to Associate.

“In her short tenure at SB Architects as BIM Strategist, Nancy has become a vital part of our company, quickly building consensus and comradery between our Miami and San Francisco offices while championing a cohesive BIM strategy. Nancy’s stellar communication and organizational skills have allowed her to gather stakeholder input and quickly develop collaborative solutions that incorporate the latest in BIM standards and capabilities. By providing learning tools and guidance in addition to fielding questions, Nancy has made immediate and long-term improvements to the efficiency of our project teams. Nancy is also focused on firmwide issues as an active member of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Congratulations Nancy!” David Louie, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Tiffany Montañez has been promoted to Associate.

“Although Tiffany has only been with SB Architects for a few years, her professionalism, strong principles, and excellent communication skills have already made a positive impact on our firm’s projects and culture. She has worked seamlessly on teams both in the Miami and San Francisco offices, and continues to evolve, taking on more responsibility, and showing great initiative on all fronts. Congratulations, Tiffany on this much-deserved promotion!” Jorey ‘Shosh’ Friedman, Vice President and Principal.

Cooper Copetas has been promoted to Associate.

“In the space of a few years, Cooper’s contributions to SB Architects have been significant in both design and firm outreach. Cooper’s advanced knowledge of 3D modeling software has made him the resident specialist within the Miami office, and the point person in mentoring all who strive to advance their skills. Pairing his technological fortitude with elegant hand drawings, Cooper has the unique ability to visualize his ideas. Beyond his contributions to project work, he’s been instrumental in representing the firm through local university job fairs, and his design submission reimagining the Notre Dame Cathedral, which earned him a feature in Time Magazine. Congratulations Cooper!” David Rychlowski, Vice President and Associate Principal.

Ruben Hung has been promoted to Associate.

“Ruben’s valuable contribution to SB Architects has been proven by his dedication to architecture. His commitment, work ethic, attention to detail, methodical design approach, and communication, has led to the successful delivery of high-profile mixed-use and high-end residential projects. His promotion is a consequence of his efforts and his attainable and reliable way of exceeding expectations! Congratulations Ruben.” Stefano Falbo, Vice President and Associate Principal.

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