Driving the Narrative: Women in Architecture | A Podcast by SB Architects

It’s official, we’ve launched a podcast. Welcome to ‘Driving the Narrative: Women in Architecture’.

Our industry is made up of incredible women, and we wanted to create a platform to showcase and highlight the pure abundance of talent we’re surrounded by daily. The podcast will narrate honest conversations with women in design and delve deeper into what it means to be a woman in architecture.

What challenges do women still have to overcome and what milestones have women made in a historically male-dominated industry? Architecture is full of skilled, incredibly talented women. Women who design, women who innovate, and women who have the courage to push the boundaries and lead the industry to success.

Throughout this series, we will be delving into the highs and lows – paying tribute to women’s accomplishments, shining a light on the inequities that women face, and discussing what steps we can take to improve and navigate our industry. We’re incredibly vocal within our firm and aim to empower, highlight, and push our female team wherever possible, but to move the meter on a grander scale, we need to be vocal within the wider industry.

Jeanette Hoffman, Associate at SB Architects, will be your host. We’re extremely excited to introduce you to this incredible series, where we have the honor of chatting with some of the biggest and best names in the business.

You can follow and listen to our podcast, right now, here on Spotify: Driving the Narrative: Women in Architecture

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