Empowering Tomorrow’s Architects: Maria Grazia Lee & Vinhang Kale at METROPOLIS’ Arch 30

We’re excited to share that two of our talented team members from our San Francisco studio, Maria Grazia Lee and Vihang Kale, were recently chosen to participate in the prestigious Arch 30 event hosted by METROPOLIS.

The event gathered some of the most promising young architects in the United States, providing them an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Led by METROPOLIS editor-in-chief Avi Rajagopal and editor-at-large Verda Alexander, the workshop focused on helping these young professionals identify purposeful work and navigate challenges in the workplace.

The Arch30 honorees engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the challenges of working in the digital age. A common theme that emerged was the difficulty of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and the group is now working to bring about positive changes in the industry’s work culture and traditional working methods.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other young architects and share our perspectives on the industry. The Ikigai method was particularly insightful in helping us discover our purpose, while the discussions around remote work and handling emotions were timely and relevant. Overall, it was a valuable experience that inspired and motivated me to contribute positively to the architecture community.”

Maria Grazia Lee, Intermediate Designer

We’re so proud of Maria and Vihang for being chosen to take part in this exciting event, and we can’t wait to see the impact they’ll make in the architecture community.

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