Galaxy International Convention Center

Macau, China

Galaxy International Convention Center

Macau, China

Located in the world-renowned entertainment hub of Cotai, Macau, the new landmark destination, comprising two Andaz hotel towers integrated with a mixed-use podium, provides a seamless and immersive experience for all who visit. 10 Designs’ organic and bold design of the Convention Center creates a striking contrast with the architecture of the surrounding buildings. The flowing, organic form gives it a sense of movement and energy.


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The latest addition to the Galaxy Integrated Resorts Precinct takes inspiration from the unique vision and identity of the Galaxy Entertainment Group. Galaxy’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the design of this world class, immersive MICE destination. Inspired by the curves of nature, the building’s sculptural form creates a bold and distinctive architectural statement that sets it apart from its surroundings, whilst placing focus on durability, comfort, and wellness.

The vibrant lifestyle hotel, the largest Andaz hotel in the world, presents Old Taipa with a contemporary spin, celebrating both the rich Chinese culture and the international lifestyle of modern Macau. Inspired by the concept of “The Palace Gardens,” the two towers feature organic petal forms clad in distinctive gold glass and white vertical fins, a signature of the Galaxy brand.

The façade of the podium is a dynamic composition of fluid white forms, providing a striking contrast to the functional rectangular form of the building. Gold and white canopies, that wrap the podium, provide a sense of movement and energy, accentuating the entrances of the arena, exhibition space, and hotel. The façade is further enhanced by integrated, programmable LED lighting and large-scale screens, which enliven the architecture and create a distinctive new presence on the Macau skyline.

10 Design utilized a complex 3D BIM modelling and rationalization process to bring the building’s organic forms to life. Working in collaboration with the client, the façade contractor, and our partners, Inhabit, we ensured an efficient and seamless transition from design to construction. Multiple on-site mock-ups allowed us to evaluate scale, materials, and detailing, leading to a refined design that met the client’s requirements and aspirations.



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