Miami Design District

Miami, Florida

Miami Design District

Miami, Florida

Known for its sleek modern architecture, upscale interior design, luxury commerce and art galleries, the 18-block, 2,699,095 square-foot Miami Design District is an example of a retail project that evolved into the emergence of surrounding districts.



Project Type

Mixed-Use and Retail

Project Size

Two City Blocks


  • Boutique Hotel
  • Retail
  • Restaurants

In collaboration with Dacra, SB Architects created the architectural skeleton for Miami Design District, addressing building structure, overall identity, and the movement of people through newly created urban spaces as a multifaceted community experience.

Leveraging a mixed-use design approach and expertise in district stewardship, SB Architects helped integrate art, architecture and urban design into the multi-phase project, resulting in a once-gritty neighbourhood transformed into an international luxury shopping destination. Sustainably designed, Miami Design District is the first LEED Neighbourhood Development Gold Certified project in Miami-Dade County and 33rd in the United States overall. It’s also the first in the world to achieve LEED Neighborhood Development: Built v4 Gold certification.

Without a traditional anchor, the project’s retail environment departs from a traditional mall experience, giving equal attention to the food, dining, and entertainment spaces as well as public art in the mix. SB Architects collaborated with additional architectural firms and designers to develop and document the overall aesthetics of the Miami Design District. Each individual tenant was given the opportunity to express their brand’s identity through not only the interior design of their respective spaces but also in the opportunity to bring their design to the face of their building. Additionally, each building has a green roof providing a stunning aesthetic and thermal cooling.

With growing consumer trends towards experiences, retailers must offer something more emotional and personal than goods and discounts. SB Architects’ thoughtful urban design empowers consumers and directs them towards mindful consumption, values and culture. SB Architects recreated and redeveloped an urban area, and, at the same time, reduced the scale and included a pedestrian promenade, to create a destination where people want to walk and stroll around.

Through contemporary, cutting edge architecture and dedication to providing a pedestrian-oriented urban environment, the area has been transformed to create a luxury retail oasis unprecedented in the city of Miami.

SB Architects was the architect of record specifically for Palm Court (Phase I&II) and Paradise Plaza (Phase III) along with numerous infill structures and secondary buildings.

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